Nest Uses OpenLoop for Temperature Targeted Campaign

This January, Nest, Talon & MGOMD launched a dynamic campaign to promote Nest’s new ‘Learning Thermostat’ which enables you to ‘warm up your home, before you get home.’

The dynamic campaign only displays when the temperature drops below 7℃ in an area – meaning the message is delivered at the right time to maximise value. Using a MET Office feed to monitor the temperature the OpenLoop platform alerts the Nest agency teams to activate the campaign in the relevant locations when threshold temperatures hit. Thus only burning media credit when most effective and avoiding wastage.

One of two creative options plays out depending on local weather conditions. A snowflake creative is the standard but when the weather feed returns a rainy condition the raindrop creative is activated.

The campaign ran over a six week period across Ocean Outdoor’s Canary Wharf & Two Towers sites and on Clear Channel’s LD6s.