Strategic Partnership to Fuel Groundbreaking OOH Creative Ideas for Agencies & Brands

New York – May 17, 2023Grand Visual, the unique production agency, today announced an innovative partnership with Whisk, the leading online emerging media platform. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the OOH industry, enabling brands to revolutionize their advertising strategies and deliver ground-breaking, innovative, and impactful campaigns.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, brands are seeking advanced solutions to gain a deeper understanding of their audiences and deliver compelling advertising experiences that cut through the noise and supercharge ROI. The partnership between Grand Visual and Whisk addresses those exact needs.

Founded in 2019, Whisk has pioneered a cutting-edge AdTech platform that curates the best next-generation media channels and produces never-done-before ideas, enabling advertisers to diversify budgets and create innovative campaigns that align with their brand briefs. Grand Visual, Talon’s award-winning OOH creative services arm, brings extensive creative expertise to the partnership.

Grand Visual will now leverage its expertise to power Whisk’s OOH and experiential campaigns, pushing the boundaries of the medium and unlocking a new realm of possibilities. By combining their strengths, the partnership will deliver immersive, experiential, and unmissable concepts that guarantee unprecedented impact and results for advertisers. Together, Grand Visual and Whisk are reshaping the landscape of advertising, providing brands with unparalleled campaign experiences.

As audiences increasingly diversify their attention across multiple media platforms, Whisk fills a critical demand from brands to embed media diversification early into the campaign development process, and allocate their ad spend effectively and efficiently into channels, like OOH. Among all advertising mediums, OOH advertising stands out as the most effective in capturing consumer attention. According to a recent survey conducted by the OAAA and Morning Consult, an overwhelming 88% of adults notice OOH ads, with nearly 80% of those viewers inspired to take action.

Amy Still, Founder and CEO of Whisk, added, “The rapid pace of change in the OOH sector presents immense opportunities for brands to be innovative and make a lasting impact in their media plans. Partnering with Talon’s Grand Visual allows Whisk to offer our customers the most advanced solutions in OOH and experiential advertising worldwide.”

Commenting on the partnership, Jay Young, Chief Client Officer of Grand Visual, said: “We are excited to partner with Whisk and to be able to offer brands even more powerful creativity in OOH to help them reach their target audiences. The combination of our creative expertise and Whisk’s innovative technology platform is a game-changer for the industry.”

Barry Cupples, Group CEO of Talon, added: “I am excited to see this partnership between Grand Visual and Whisk. By combining our respective strengths, we’ll be able to provide advertisers with a truly unique and effective approach to OOH advertising. This partnership demonstrates Talon’s commitment to driving innovation in the OOH space and delivering measurable value for our clients.”

The partnership between Grand Visual and Whisk marks a pivotal moment in the OOH advertising industry. With a shared commitment to innovation, personalized messaging, and creating significant campaign impact which resonates with audiences and reaches consumers in a meaningful way in the physical world.

Along with our friends at FCB NY, Grand Visual have been shortlisted for four categories at the D&AD Awards.

“The Stage is Yours to Take” was launched in February 2023, as an extension of Budweiser’s “Greatness Is Yours to Take” global brand platform, which helps young people realise their dreams, especially up-and-coming musicians. The campaign was created in response to the BRIT awards, in which both awards for best female and male artists were combined into a gender-neutral category. As a result, only male artists were nominated. 

To champion the female and non-binary artists that were snubbed by this change, we turned a Budweiser billboard into a stage that reached the biggest, and most influential, names in music. A selection of up-and-coming artists were invited to perform a free concert for music lovers, which was then live streamed via projectors across London, on screens inside and outside of the O2 area on the night of the BRITs. QR codes were featured on the broadcasts, linking to a playlist of the musician’s songs. 

At the event, up-and-coming artist Mychelle was scouted by Kobalt Music, resulting in a professional demo deal. 

“The Stage is Yours to Take” has been shortlisted for Sound Design & Use of Music / Original Composition, Media / Press & Outdoor, Media / Entertainment, Media / Events & Stunts. 

The results will be announced at the D&AD Festival 2023 on the 24th and 25th May.