ISE 2016 Highlights

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) the annual tradeshow held in the Amsterdam RAI, is the gateway to discovering the latest technology in professional AV and digital signage industries. This year, Jon Jones, Technologist, and Dan Dawson, Chief Creative Technology Officer, attended and have shared their highlights from the event.


In keeping with previous years, screens take the centre stage at the event – especially those that are flexible. The screen shown above (with Dan for scale) was produced by Lang. At first glance, you’d be forgiven for not realising that it is, in fact, a screen and not a print. Content at 8K x 4K was being presented and looked phenomenal – even close up. Screens of this quality, teamed with a touch interface, would provide greater immersion in the application.

Flexible screens were one of the main focus points at this year’s ISE.

Dataton’s Watchout were showing off their extensive projection mapping technologies. Using approximately 6 points within the viewport, their software is able to pinpoint particular parts of the model do the maths to complete the mapping process. Utilising multiple projectors, physical 3D structures and LED panels, creates a very cool and captivating experience.

Easescreen demoed their gyro technology that can reconfigure a screen’s output on-the-fly. Whilst it was a mesmerising demonstration, it is also a really intelligent piece of kit that would make reconfiguration of screens a breeze. Additionally, it could also be automated through other systems.

3D LED Cube from Seekway can turn a 3D model into an eye-catching display. As you move around the cube you are able to see the model from all angles. These cubes are not limited to any particular size, so can be made to own a large space.

Using three mini projectors and an impressive rig, Optoma created a fully immersive Formula 1 driving experience. Unfortunately, the queue was remarkably long so we didn’t get to have a go!

For a bit of fun, we got to play a game of pinball using 3M’s PCAP system. This is a touch-foil with a metal mesh design. This application proved to be very responsive and attached to a curved screen was very inviting to use and looked great with a matt finish.

This year is was great to see the advances in touch interfaces as well as flexible LED screens. Dataton Watchout’s 3D projection mapping especially stood out. With the recent evolution of VR technology, it will be very interesting to see how it will be made more consumer-friendly product in the future.