Google Voice Campaign

Google is running a real time, destination specific digital OOH campaign promoting Google Voice – the voice activated search tool for mobiles. The first burst of activity runs on DEPs across 10 underground stations. The campaign is a play on regional accents and phonetically spells out various pronunciations of the same word. The copy is also station specific so at Bank, a multi-screen execution runs variations of the word finance such as ‘fey-nuns’ and ‘fy-nants’.

The second burst of the campaign begins on the 11th April and will run on Transvision screens at 9 London stations. This time the copy ties in with the destination of the next departing train. Various pronunciations of the destinations are then screened including illustrations relating to that place. So for Mon-chester there is an illustration of Old Trafford and for Ed-n-uh-bru, bag pipes are displayed. The strapline “say it get it, voice search for mobile, by Google” remains on screen throughout.

The campaign is designed to demonstrate the Google Voice’s superior voice activation software which understands anyone from anywhere regardless of accent. The campaign was delivered via OpenLoop, Grand Visual’s tactical platform for updating and streaming live copy campaigns to multiple screens.