Disney’s Enchanted Moments

On Valentines Day, Disney Parks brought the romance of New FantasyLand to Times Square in an interactive campaign which ran on Disney Store’s Times Square Spectacular digital billboard. The 2,250 square foot screen featured passers-by in romantic embraces and some participants got so caught up in their ‘Enchanted Moments’ there were two live on-screen marriage proposals during the course of the day!

Grand Visual managed 3 video feeds coming from cameras stationed high up on the Disney store roof and mixed those feeds with graphics and calls to action – “Kiss the Girl”! Each interaction was captured and an image posted to a microsite. Participants were given a unique code and could pick up, print or share their Enchanted Moment from the microsite. Grand Visual built and managed the entire process from start to finish.

Check out the highlights here: http://youtu.be/U2Fu7rLzr1Q.