Disney Parks Launches First Ever AR Poster with Live Character Interaction

As part of the ‘Let the Memories Begin’ campaign, Disney Parks, the theme park arm of the Walt Disney Company, is launching a live augmented reality experience in Times Square this week from 17-19th November. In a media first, members of the public will be able to interact with live Disney characters such as Mickey, Donald and Goofy, and star in their own billboard campaign.

“Let the Memories Begin” is designed to deliver an emotional one-of-a-kind Disney Park memory for kids and families in NYC. Participants stand in the interactive zone and look up to see themselves larger than life on the giant Disney Store Screen soaring above. Tinkerbell suddenly flies over the screen sprinkling magic and revealing a Disney character who interacts with the participants in real time. The character then poses for a photograph with the families, who are sent their shot digitally by Disney, encouraging guest to share their experience online.

Produced by the creative technology specialist, Grand Visual, in collaboration with Disney, the campaign features real Disney characters beamed in live from a green screen studio nearby. Grand Visual’s AR and vision mixing technology then merges the Disney character on screen with live footage of the families in Times Square.

The activity will create virtual memories in the form of photographs which will be screened on the Disney Store board and then instantly shared both online and on the giant American Eagle LED screen measuring 15,000 square foot. Outdoor media was booked by ABC and will be supported by a broader television, digital and press campaign.

Brewer Lister, event director at Disney Parks said: “We wanted to create an immersive Disney family experience that leaves the impression that their best Disney memories are yet to come at the Parks. The colorful parade of Disney’s most beloved characters delivers an exciting experiential campaign that can be easily shared through mobile and social media channels to generate word of mouth.”

Dan Dawson, digital director at Grand Visual said:
“It is always great to work with adventurous brands that are willing to push the envelope on technology to drive engagement. We know from our own study that fun, interactive brand experiences create longer lasting and more accessible memories. This compelling interactive experience also creates assets that can gain momentum online for maximum exposure.”