Will Digital OOH Enter the Mainstream in 2019?

Google Maps DOOH 2019

This first appeared in ExchangeWire on 12th December 2018.

Creative optimisation & technical interoperability to shape 2019.

McDonald's McWeather Digital OOH

“There are two overarching trends that will inform how the DOOH channel evolves in 2019. Firstly, the approach to creative will move further away from traditional OOH. This year, we have already seen creative agencies delivering more out-of-home display ideas fuelled by data. As creatives continue to embrace DOOH’s full functionality, the single iconic poster layout of old will give way to a more agile campaign concept, one that can be varied by location, time of day, weather, or any other relevant data set. This shift is driven by the ‘always-on’ commitment that leading brands are taking to their DOOH strategies, which in turn enables the creative agencies to take a longer term view and embrace the medium in a more sophisticated manner.


“Secondly, the backend systems powering DOOH will make huge steps in terms of their interoperability. This will see improvements across inventory management, transactional exchanges, data management, creative logistics, creative optimisation and, of course, reporting, all areas for systemisation. Integration between platforms will pick up pace as it becomes even clearer that tech silos are inefficient, constrain spend, and hamper the channel’s overall growth. Consolidation of networks, agreement on standards, and system integration will show DOOH gearing up to be a real force in 2019.”

Neil Morris, Founder & CEO, Grand Visual & QDOT