Audience, Moment, Message in a Nonference

Creative DOOH session IAB Nonference. Grand Visual Creative Director Ric Albert leads.
At Grand Visual we have been crafting stories for digital OOH for over 14 years. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to share our approach with a room full of enthusiastic Nonference attendees. 

In our #InstaDOOH session with Talon & QDOT we had our creative director Ric Albert guide a brainstorm session where he pushed participants to think about the ads they see on their phones through a DOOH lens. 

We kicked off the session by introducing our audience of non-DOOH natives to the channel, demonstrating its reach and impact across the UK. Results released by the Ad Association on 29th October showed that digital OOH spend increased by 17.2% and OOH rose by 9.4%. A growing channel is great, however a growing channel needs to be matched with the same level of creative ambition.

Creative DOOH Nonference

Multiple studies over the years have proven that when contextually relevant creative is utilised, it boosts campaign effectiveness (Talon Context Effect, Rapport Standing on shoulders of Giants). 

Creative DOOH Nonference

In addition to the ability to deliver live, dynamic creative stories, one of the other great advancements in OOH in the last few years is the way that we are able to target OOH audiences. Instead of looking just at location and demographic targeting, OOH planners are able to plan media campaigns using a much richer data set that is similar to audience profiling used in traditional digital channels. 

The brainstorm session aimed to get our attendees to adopt our ‘audience, moment, message’ mantra in order to understand the value of dynamically optimised creative in DOOH. To do so, we had everyone pull out their phones, go to Instagram, find their first ad and discuss at their respective tables what audience, moment and message each of those ads had identified.

Creative DOOH Nonference

Our Nonference audience was diverse and had ads from the NHS, Glossier, Moonlight Cinema, Jet2 Holidays, Just Eat and Nested to name a few. Once our tables had selected their favourite ad, we had them translate them into a powerful and contextually relevant digital OOH campaign. Could they do it?! 

At the end of 40 minutes, each of our 5 teams had come up with really great creative ideas for Digital OOH.  

We’ll leave the final word to the days’ host, Ric Albert, Creative Director:

“All of the concepts presented were really excellent! It was great to have DOOH newbies putting forward  some fantastic dynamic digital OOH ideas!

The winning concept for me was Just Eat. It was such a beautifully simple creative story of returning holidaymakers as the target audience. Combining it with that moment at the airport, at the baggage carousel and facing returning home to an empty fridge with a Just Eat message. It felt fresh and really demonstrated that they had been able to fully articulate the Audience + Moment = Message for a prospective Just Eat customer.”

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