The Creative Opportunity With Digital OOH in Times Square June 6, 2019 | Augmented Reality

    When one thinks of digital OOH, the iconic location at the forefront of most people’s minds is Times Square. There are ample opportunities for brands to reach the 380,000 pedestrians that pass through the area every day, with 17 Media Owners operating within the area.

    Augmented Reality Experience Digital OOH Times Square

    It’s a destination visited by people from all over the world, providing advertisers with an engaged audience and the perfect conditions for interactive experiences. After all, few people would forgo the opportunity to have their moment in the spotlight in one of the world’s most recognisable locations.

    The creative potential for interactive experiences in Times Square is huge and over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to deliver a few showstopping campaigns there ourselves. We wanted to pass on our key learnings to those brands who may be contemplating interactive experiences in Times Square.

    What is your Objective?

    What do you want to make your audience think, feel and do by taking part? Is it making their Times Square experience more memorable? It’s vital to keep your key objective at the heart of the experience.

    To promote the Amazon Prime Series Debut of Good Omens, we produced a large scale interactive campaign. Video feeds are a great way to engage with the crowd, and when it took over Times Square for 4 hours it was impossible to miss! It featured a countdown to the end of the world, a live video feed augmenting various disaster scenarios down onto the crowds below which included the chattering nuns and the series Author, Neil Gaiman.

    Another memorable experience we worked on, gave participants the opportunity to have their name up in lights as part of the iconic #ShareACoke campaign. All they had to do to get their moment in the spotlight was text their name to the number provided. Moments later, their name was published for all in Times Square to see.

    Coca Cola Times Square Digital OOH

    We’ve also produced some popular executions for Disney over the years, including emotion recognition, dancing with Mickey Mouse and creating memories.

    Creating an Experience to be remembered.

    Central to any successful Times Square execution is determining the best creative avenue to evoke the desired response from your audience. Prioritise selecting the right technology to enhance your story, rather than finding a nice shiny new piece of technology.

    Oh, and one final but imperative piece of advice, you always have two weeks less than you think you do. Media Owners have a mandatory two-week testing period for any interactive campaigns.

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