CannesAlso 2013: Curious Minds Create Brilliant Brands

Now in its third year, CannesAlso sets out to explore the interests of creative people outside of their day jobs. The brainchild of Brand Union and Lambie-Nairn, CannesAlso aims to showcase collections – from the carefully curated to the downright bizarre. Whether a practised phillumenist or novice collector, delegates can explore the art of collecting at this unique event.

This year Grand Visual is on board to facilitate real-time digital collections, contributed via Twitter and Instagram. Creative types can upload and share their own collection of doodles or collectables via Instagram and Twitter. These images then get pulled into OpenLoop where they are streamed live to screens at the event to help celebrate the curiosity that drives the creative industry!

The ‘Curious Minds Create Brilliant Brands’ exhibition will run from 16th to 22nd June 2013 and is located on the Parvis, just outside the Palais.