Campaign Poster Awards 2006

The Campaign Poster Advertising Awards seek to reward the best examples of harnessing the enduring power of the oldest universal medium. The winners reflect the amazing variety of advertising people encounter when they close their front door – on the street, from a bus, in a bus, train or taxi, or waiting for any of them. It’s also on buildings, in sports grounds, airports – literally all around us.

The fact that posters are rapidly becoming the last great broadcast medium has already become such an advertising cliche; that it’s easy to overlook the full import of what this really means. While almost all other media are facing issues of audience fragmentation, the potency of a poster campaign remains undiminished. Outdoor, as it is known in the UK, has never been stronger and has earned its place in a world of fragmented media with new structures, new technologies and interest from new advertisers.The Campaign Poster Advertising Awards reflect the variety and vibrancy of the medium. The jury is made up of creative people, clients and members of the poster industry. To their great credit, the jurors never allow themselves to be seduced by brilliant but irrelevant creativity. They acknowledge that the only kind of outdoor creativity that matters is the sort that sells by making the most of the medium.

Best Digital Outdoor Advertisement (formats such as plasma and LED screens and monitors in retail areas such as supermarkets, shops, salons, malls and transport-related areas such as stations, airports, buses, taxis, motorway service stations. Ads must have an element of animation; static shots on digital screens are not eligible for this category. Ads can be mute or with sound. The innovative nature of the project entered should be explained in no more than 100 words (there is an ‘Explanation’ text box in the online entry pages) and be accompanied by a picture that shows clearly the execution of the concept on paid-for space or sites (this can be uploaded at the same time you upload your entry). The minimum spend level is £5,000. Entries should be in Quicktime or MPG formats or Flash file formats.