Catastrophe Promoted Across NYC with Dynamic DOOH

Amazon Catastrophe season 2

Amazon launched a dynamic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) campaign to celebrate the eagerly anticipated arrival of Catastrophe Season 2 to Amazon Prime Video. The campaign captures the humor of the British sitcom and invites participation through the show’s Twitter handle @catastrophe-tv. The dynamic campaign ran for 2 weeks on Urban Panels, Digital Newsstands and Digital Transit Shelters across New York City.

Produced by Grand Visual, the creative features a series of humorous “fill-in-the-blank” statements based on the brutally honest relationship between lead characters Rob and Sharon. The public are invited to “Pick the next theme” by tweeting either: #Family, #Sex, #Relationship or #Romance to @Catastrophe. This live poll mechanism determines the most popular theme and the content for that theme gets played across each digital network. The creative therefore adapts and changes according to audience interests during the course of the campaign. Each participant also receives an automated response from Twitter with the current poll results and a humorous statement on the topic they chose.

The DOOH campaign is planned and booked by Rapport, and delivered via OpenLoop, the campaign management platform for facilitating dynamic, real-time DOOH campaigns across multiple networks and markets.

Ben Putland, COO, Grand Visual, commented:

“Outdoor media plays a vital role in how we drive awareness and anticipation for online brands. It’s great to see forward thinking digital brands really starting to use the Digital Out of Home medium differently. Live, reactive and interactive DOOH campaigns are now possible and practical on a large and multi-network scale.”