Age UK: No One Should Have No One

Last weekend, Age UK launched the #NotByMySelfie campaign, part of their ‘No one should have no one’ messaging which is aimed at raising awareness around social isolation of the elderly. The campaign was brought to life on Digital Out of Home screens in major centres across the UK.

Members of the public were encouraged to post photos of themselves with elderly people on Instagram and Twitter, including the hashtag #NotByMySelfie. Through the OpenLoop platform, these photos were collated, moderated and incorporated dynamically into the campaign creative.

Marianne Hewitt, Head of Brand at Age UK, said:

“Through our #NotByMySelfie we want to connect with the public in a fun and creative way to help raise awareness of the fact that so many older people are facing later life alone. We’re already seeing celebrities and the public getting involved and hope it will continue to inspire people of all ages to show their support by this simple action.”

The campaign ran on Ocean Outdoor’s GRID network. Grand Visual worked with Talon Outdoor alongside creative agency Karmarama and Age UK to produce the campaign.