Accenture Launch Augmented Reality Recruitment Drive

Accenture has launched a new student recruitment program based on a personal augmented reality system. The campaign allows students to interact with a 55” screen which will travel to different universities over the forthcoming months.

The campaign uses gesture based technology which enables students to select and explore different areas of Accenture’s business and find out more about those sectors that interest them, whether that is Aerospace, Travel, Media and Entertainment or the Chemical Industry.

The campaign, created by Work and digital production company Grand Visual, uses virtual buttons that allows users to interact with the content simply by holding their hands up to the screen to trigger targeted animations. For example, when a user selects ‘Aerospace,’ an animated sequence of a space shuttle taking-off plays, alongside factual content about the industry.

The campaign uses 3D depth imaging technology enabling a user interface that is based on natural movement and hand gestures. The system has been assembled by Grand Visual and uses augmented reality software to merge real life footage of the participant interacting with Accenture’s business content.

Tim Last, Digital Producer at Grand Visual said: “Accenture’s clever use of the latest technology is a great fit for its high tech, high performance business. The idea is to help students see the potential for their future careers and the interactive content brings to life Accenture’s business in a campaign that is relevant and fun to use.”